Analog 1-10 V PWM Dimmer RGB 3-Channel

Analog 1-10 V PWM Dimmer RGB 3-Channel

An LED dimmer for three independent LED dimmer circuits and also for RGB applications. Control is either via 3x 100 kΩ potentiometer or a 1–10 V control voltage source. The output voltage corresponds to the supply voltage of 12–24 V. CA (Common Anode – common plus).

Technical Data

Power Range

12–24 V


3x 2 A

Number of channels (input)


Control signal

1–10 V

Output channels


PWM frequency

240 Hz

Output voltage

12–24 VDC

Operating temperature range

-20° C till +45° C

Dimensions (l x w x h)

167 x 42 x 31 mm


0,1 kg


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