Switching Power Supply CCU 40-2 Dali

Switching Power Supply CCU 40-2 Dali

Multifunctional constant current power supply with 7 different output current levels. Dimmable by DALI2 or PUSH-DIM. With MM-sign. Can be mounted on inflammable subsurface. Noiseless – without fan.

Technical Data

Power source

220–240 VAC

Frequency range

50–60 Hz

Dimensions (l x w x h)

139 x 75 x 30 mm


0,18 kg

Selectable output current

1050 mA45 Watt14–43 V
1150 mA45 Watt14–39 V
1200 mA45 Watt14–38 V
1300 mA45 Watt14–35 V
1400 mA45 Watt14–32 V
1500 mA45 Watt14–30 V
1600 mA45 Watt

14–28 V

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