Areas of apllication

Illuminated worlds

Our products can realise any lighting concept and solve any lighting challenge. They span a diverse range of applications to match.


We always have something very special on the menu.

High-end light is all about good ingredients in the right quantities and the perfect combination. Just like awardwinning cuisine. Why not talk to our lighting gourmets?

Wellness & Fitness

Wellness comes from feeling good. And that’s something you can see.

Of our five senses, the one with the biggest influence on our sense of well-being is our eyes. Do something good for them. With wellness light from the LED yogis.


Good light enhances performance and creates energy – in your team.

Light can disturb you – or it can keep you feeling fit and motivated. The better the light, the more committed you can be to getting things done. It’s quite simple, really. And it’s even simpler to develop the perfect lighting concept to realise inspiring light. With us.


Present objects in the right light and you’ll awaken desires.

People buy with their eyes. Put your customers’ products in the right light and make the excitement ‘spot on!’. We’ll show you what you need to do that.

Public Space & Culture

What kind of light was the Mona Lisa painted in?

We simulate candlelight and paraffin lamp light with stateof- the-art LED technology to create the atmosphere in which famous exhibits were actually created. The curators will be all eyes. And so will the visitors.

Private Living

Why do we feel more comfortable in some rooms than in others? It’s light that creates the atmosphere.

And that ‘wow’ effect. Awaken a passion for smart and atmospheric light in your customers. We’ll supply you with the dimmer to give people the chills.


How do you tell an aesthete with vision?

By the way they light their outdoor space. The maxim that applies indoors is just as true outdoors: good light enhances any environment. Show your customers how far good light can stretch. We’ll open up the entire panorama for you.

Are you

a lighting designer, an electrical designer or an architect?

And you need information on lighting values, technical planning, installation situations or have questions about suitable lamps?

Just ask us