IP67 Heat sealing for Flex Strips Opal and Flex Tubes

Heat sealing of supply connectors and endcaps for FLEX STRIPS OPAL and FLEX TUBES

For customized applications PROLED provides in-house premolded silicon sealed IP67 endcaps and feeds to ensure long lasting and reliable connections.

As before, various types of cable outlet are available.

The heat sealing option is available for all products with this icon:

Laser labeling

For ease of identification each FLEX STRIP OPAL or FLEX TUBE will be labeled with the exact length.

Easy to install thanks to the precision-fit shape

The connections are not enlarged by the silicon moulding to fit into the mounting profiles. This significantly simplifies installation compared to conventional endcaps.

Additional protection against capillary effect

For optimal protection against moisture, the cables for FLEX TUBE have additional protection against the capillary effect (see HERE).