Aluminium Profiles

Wherever you find professional linear light, you’ll find aluminium channel profiles in use. They are a design element, an important component in sophisticated thermal management, they protect the LED strips and make them easier to install and use.

  • The perfect partner for our PROLED Flex Strips
  • For installation and surface mounting, either suspended or affixed with mounting sets
  • For visually appealing installation and cooling of strips
  • Versatile project integration possibilities
  • Offering aesthetics, functionality, protection and sustainability
  • Larger profiles are also suitable for constructing individual light fittings. Control gear can be integrated
  • Connecting elements for many profile types are available, enabling you to realise geometric shapes such as rectangles, squares, hexagons and octagons as well as combinations
  • Available as standard in anodised aluminium up to 5 m long, as well as in white and black up to 3 m long
  • Length according to general tolerances DIN ISO 2768, coarse class. Exact length (till 6 m ±1mm and 6 m -10 m ±10mm) only on request.