Aluminium Profiles + Plastic Covers

Wherever you find professional linear light, you’ll find aluminium channel profiles in use. They are a design element, an important component in sophisticated thermal management, they protect the LED strips and make them easier to install and use.


The PROLED aluminium profiles are the perfect addition to the PROLED FLEX STRIPS. The FLEX STRIPS can be glued into the profile. The aluminum profiles are in anodized aluminium, white RAL 9016 or black similar to RAL 9005 available. The profile can simply be sawn to any required length or ordered in the required custom length. Different versions of Aluminium profiles and different shapes of plastic covers are available. In addition we offer a wide range of accessories (end caps, mounting clips, connectors, steel cable suspensions, ...).

All PROLED aluminium profiles, plastic covers and end caps are protected by registered community designs (international design patents).

Quality on the lighting test bench

All aluminum profiles, end caps and plastic covers are designed by our own development department. Due to our own developments and our extensive quality control we can guarantee you a high and continuous quality.

  • CAD design documentation in our on-site development department
  • Rapid prototyping with own 3D printer
  • CAD blue print
  • construction of tools and prototype / initial batch
  • series production
  • continuous quality contro
    • monitoring of the dimensions by a image dimension measuring system
    • inspection of the anodized coating and powder coating by coat thickness measuring

Please order as follows:

Order code of the profile with Z at the end for custom length (L......Z) and specification of the required length + for each custom profile or cover the following order code for the cutting:

  • L69ZZZ for 90° regular cut (cutting cost per profile or cover)
  • L69ZZZG for 45° and 135° mitre cut (cutting cost per profile or cover)
  • L69ZZZG60 for 60° and 120° mitre cut (cutting cost per profile or cover)
  • L69ZZZG67 for 67,5° and 112,5° mitre cut (cutting cost per profile or cover)


Order example

Desired profiles:Order details for the profiles mentioned on the left:   
12x ALUMINIUM PROFIL M-LINE STD 3,62 m each12x 3,62 m L690000Z
12x M-LINE COVER FLAT FROST 3,62 m each12x 3,62 m L690S3FZ
24x L69ZZZ


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