Our customers save energy with PROLED products. The LED technology always makes sure that our resources are used particularly carefully when it comes to light.

For us and for future generations

The MBN-PROLED team naturally also uses energy-efficient lighting wherever possible. Yet we do much more to reduce our ecological footprint and above all to keep the emission of CO2 as low as possible.

You may already have noticed some of these: Our office building is equipped with a photovoltaic system. We also have a groundwater heat pump in operation. And since 2022, both our employees and our customers can charge their e-cars at the charging stations installed on site.

We also began determining our CO2 emissions at an early stage in order to balance them by supporting different projects. In this way, on the one hand we can identify where we can lower our demand for primary energy and therefore also reduce our CO2 emissions directly.

And this is how we do it: In a professional procedure, we calculate the CO2 emissions of all kinds of different partial aspects of our daily work. This involves, for example, business trips, employee travel to and from work, electricity, gas and water consumption, as well as the transport of our products from the warehouse in Friedberg to the customer. The result of this calculation is an image of our ecological footprint.

With the help of our energy supplier Ilzhöfer and in cooperation with First Climate AG, we then support sustainable projects as compensation. One example is a hydropower plant in India or the particularly energyefficient cooking stoves for households in Uganda. The cooking stoves are produced and distributed in the country. They are significantly more effective than open fireplaces and the women and children have to spend less time searching for wood. All projects have one thing in common, they support the UN sustainable development goals on a voluntary basis.

We have already completed the CO2 compensation for 2020. We are currently working on balancing 2021 and 2022.

And MBN-PROLED does even more: In recent years we have largely reduced plastic as a packaging material or have changed over to recycled material. And thanks to a new ERP system, we have significantly reduced our consumption of paper, not only in-house but also in correspondence with our customers.

We would like to make our contribution to safeguarding the environment – for us and for future generations. We have understood that we cannot afford to continue with the way things are and the first step is the most important – let us act for change together. Join in too!