Smart Series

Architectural Smart Series

The ‘Smart Series’ use the most advanced lighting technology on the market. Thanks to the AI microcontroller in the fixture, it automatically selects the most appropriate light temperature for the object to be illuminated. The Smart Series are ideally suited for use in stores, showrooms, museums and anywhere where the correct display of colors is important.

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Smart Sensor

Discover an ultimate lighting experience with our Smart Series, each designated with a unique symbol.

Dual Sensor

The symbol “Dual Sensor”, indicating fixtures that have Dual Sensor, including the intelligent AI Colour and AI Traffic functions.

Single Sensor

The symbol “Single Sensor”, indicating fixtures equipped with one sensor with automatic “AI Colour” function.

No Sensor

The symbol ‘No Sensor’, is applied to fixtures without sensor, but with the advanced AI Colour color detection function and super high color rendering system via manual or photo function.

AI Colour

The Smart Lights with sensor use the integrated AI Colour feature to obtain an adaptive light spectrum. The AI algorithm inside activates the lighting system to generate the best lighting for each specified product, effectively increasing sales and improving the customer experience. Determining the product category is done automatically or through the “Take Photo” function in the app.

Traffic Monitoring / Energy Saving

The Smart Lights are equipped with AI technology for data collection and analysis. This allows you to collect data on each specified product and associated customer behavior. This information can then be used to identify patterns in customer behavior, as well as detect congested or inefficient areas. This significantly improves sales and customer experience.

The Smart Lights with sensor incorporate the latest technology for occupancy detection and energy saving. This will adjust lighting and color levels based on the presence or absence of customers in different areas. This allows users to reduce their energy consumption, thus saving costs and reducing environmental impact.