Customisation and Plug & Play Ready

Of course, we can also customise our products for you – from aluminium profiles and plastic covers in whatever length you need, to Flex Strips with individual cable input to functional plug & play units. We will be happy to give you a quote.

Customizing FLEX STRIPS (special length)

PROLED offers a customizing service for FLEX STRIPS. These can be custom cut into the required length and the requested cable in the desired proper length soldered to the FLEX STRIP. FLEX STRIPS can also be glued into the selected customized ALUMINIUM Profile, if necessary (see page 263). The FLEX STRIPS can be ordered in required length (please pay attention to the maximum length per power input) without having to purchase offcuts. In this case we will only charge for the actual required length. Cutting costs are already included in the price per meter. The customizing FLEX STRIPS are market by the following order code: L6…...Z.

Customizing Versions

L6KF2001 soldering supply cable 2 PIN IP20 (MONO STRIPS)
L6KF2002 soldering supply cable 3-4 PIN IP20 (Dynamic White, RGB)
L6KF2003 soldering supply cable 5-6 PIN IP20 (RGBA, RGBW, RGBAW)
L6KF5301 soldering supply cable 2 PIN IP53 (MONO STRIPS)
L6KF5302 soldering supply cable 3-4 PIN IP53 (Dynamic White, RGB)

L6KF6801 soldering supply cable 2 PIN IP68 + OPAL (MONO STRIPS) + sealing end cap
L6KF7001 soldering supply cable 2 PIN OPAL SHAPE, WALL + sealing end cap
L6KF6802 soldering supply cable 4 PIN IP68 + OPAL (RGB) + sealing end cap
L6KF6803 soldering supply cable 5-6 PIN IP68 + OPAL (RGBA, RGBW, RGBAW) + sealing end cap

L6KF7004 soldering supply cable + heat sealing end caps FLEX STRIPS OPAL
L6KF2011 soldering together 2 FLEX STRIPS 2 PIN IP20 (MONO STRIPS)
L6KF2022 soldering together 2 FLEX STRIPS 3-4 PIN IP20 (Dynamic White, RGB)
L6KF2033 soldering together 2 FLEX STRIPS 5-6 PIN IP20 (RGBA, RGBW, RGBAW)
L6KF6500 assembling costs supply connector and end cap IP40 incl. sealing FLEX STRIP Xtreme / FLEX TUBE
L6KF6700 assembling costs supply connector, end cap IP67 incl. underwater test FLEX STRIP Xtreme / FLEX TUBE

Calculation of taping FLEX STRIPS onto profile depends on time required. Please ask for a quotation in advance.


Please order as follows:

Order code of FLEX STRIP ending with Z for special length (L6……Z) indicating required length (please pay attention to cutting sections of FLEX STRIP) + indication order code of requested cable such as requested cable length.

Order example

Desired FLEX STRIP:Order details for the FLEX STRIP / cables mentioned on the left:
12x FLEX STRIP 600 MONO warm white each 1,20 m12x 1,20 m L66806Z
for each Strip (1,20 m) 0,75 m cable of type L4PV203 is desired12x 0,75 L4PV203
12x L6KF2001 soldering supply cable 2 PIN IP20

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