Centre stage

New National Gallery

Potsdamer Str. 50
10785 Berlin

Photo: Stefan Wolf Lucks

The challenge

After almost 50 years of intensive use, the complete renovation of this architectural masterpiece was on the cards. The appearance of the listed building was not to be changed, not even by the lighting installations. The brief was to integrate the existing technology as far as possible in order to conserve resources and preserve the original design. An ideal project for mawa, a company of our group.

The result

For the extensive redesign of the luminaires, the lighting designers found an expert partner in mawa with its knowledge of museum lighting and extensive experience in the illumination of architectural monuments. mawa also has its own production facility with a high level of vertical integration, where several thousand original luminaires in various states of repair have been refurbished and converted. The mawa factory uses 3D printers, CNC technology and aluminium casting, among other methods, to manufacture any special parts that are no longer available.

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