Luminous intensity distribution curves

We have high standards for the performance, quality and function of our products. They need to deliver optimum results in all applications.

Precise light values from the photometry lab

Precise knowledge of the photometric data, spatial light distribution and exact radiation pattern of each product is therefore extremely important.

We use a state-of-the-art goniospectroradiometer (LGS 1000) from Instrument Systems, the world market and technology leader in LED measurement technology, to determine the exact data in our PROLED photometry lab. The system was specially developed for determining the angle-dependent radiation patterns of LED modules and luminaires and delivers highly precise measurements thanks to its angle resolution of just 0.01°.

Perfect tools for lighting design

We offer lighting designers and architects a special service for professional and precise lighting design. Our photometry configurator contains all PROLED luminaires and profiles. A few clicks is all it takes to generate individual configurations of FLEX STRIP and matching profile. The selected or configured luminaires can be transferred directly into DIALux or exported to other file formats (EULUMDAT, IES). Data sheets for the selected configuration can also be created quickly and easily with a simple mouse click.

You can either generate the lighting data in the EULUMDAT and IES data format in the PROLED DIALux plug-in yourself free of charge or request it from us. You can also import the files into your lighting design software (e.g. DIALux or Relux).

The PROLED DIALux plug-in is a free, stand-alone program. It also works without DIALux software and includes all PROLED luminaires and the product configurator.

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