Inrush Current Limiter Compact

Inrush Current Limiter Compact

LED switching power supplies show very high inrush currents. To increase however the number of switching power supplies per circuit breaker, it is advisable to use a inrush current limiter. This electronic inrush current limiter is an ideal solution to effectively reduce costs in LED lighting technology. It limits inrush currents precise and with high repetitive accuracy. Due to this strict limitation significantly more LED power supplies can be operated per circuit breaker. A lower current allows smaller wire cross-sections and less circuit breakers.

The inrush current limiter is connected between mains switch / contactor and load and is approved for inductive and capacitive loads. At the moment of switching on the inrush current is limited for a defined time, regardless what the actual inrush current is.

  • Flat housing
  • Springtype terminal 0,5–6 mm² / 21–10 AWG
  • Integrated bypass relay
  • Integrated temperature protection

Technical Data Inrush Current Limiter ICL COMPACT

Peak current limiting:

48,0 A

R.MS. current limiting:

33,9 A

Max. allowed capacitive load:

6000 μF

Smallest advisable circuit breaker:


AC input range:

184-265 VAC

AC continous range:

230 VAC

Line frequency:

16,33 Hz - 440 HZ

AC continous current:

16 A continous

AC peak current:

165 A for 20 ms / 800 A for 200 μs

Dimension in mm (w x h x d):

260 x 35,5 x 23,5


0,2 kg

Max. approx. quantity of switching power supplies per ICL COMPACT

10 Watt


20 Watt


30 Watt


40 Watt


60 Watt


80 Watt


100 Watt


150 Watt


240 Watt


320 Watt


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