Dali Module Lamp

Dali Module Lamp

The PROLED DALI MODULE LAMP is a DALI (DT6) dimming controller, which can be controlled by 4 external buttons. It allows an easy dimming of 4 luminaires.

  • control of 4 luminaires via DALI (DT6)
  • controlled by 4 external buttons
  • DALI lamp address selectable by 2 rotary switches
  • power source by DALI bus or DALI power supply
  • suitable for installation in a German in-wall mounting box (68 mm)

Technical Data

Power source

DALI bus or DALI power supply

Dimension (w x d x h)

52 x 23 x 52 mm

Operating temperature range

-10° C till +45° C


0,04 kg

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