PROLED supports the light installation „How good that nobody knows….“ of the artist Johannes Kriesche to this year’s LUMINALE during the LIGHT & BUILDING in Frankfurt, from the 18th – 23th of March 2018.
Hereby we would like to advert to our art funding of the light installation „How good that nobody knows….“ by Johannes Kriesche that we are supporting with our products. We would be happy to welcome you at our opening, Sunday the 18th of March 2018 at 7pm.
The artist will be present.
It is located near the tram station Ostbahnhof/Sonnemannstraße, 60314 Frankfurt am Main.
For more information about the artist:
Information to the light installation

A project by Johannes Kriesche

In form and substance, the project engages in a dialogue with the ECB (European Central Bank). The new central building stands, isolated, the slightly rotated high-rise always offering another visual perspective. The basic idea of the light installation harks back to the fairytale of Rumpelstiltskin, who magically spun straw into gold. Transforming straw into gold, making the impossible possible, still a strong desire and powerful incentive - and some will surely also find monetary policy a kind of sorcery.

Johannes Kriesche associates the building’s character with a handmade sheaf of straw, slightly twisted, yet stable. His light installation consists of golden cords stretched between trees. Decorated at irregular intervals with small, glass beads, the cords are reminiscent of an abacus and glitter gently, as if covered with dew. Similar to the architecture of the ECB building itself, the form of his installation also allows new spaces to appear from different, visual angles.

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