PROLED Spot On Catalogue 2022/2

Novelties 2022|02

With focus on the new PROLED spotlight, downlight and 3-phase track range, we are presenting you the first edition of our SPOT ON! Catalogue today!
Whenever new products will be released, you will receive our SPOT ON! Brochures from now on via digital mailing, which will inform you about the latest novelties with all technical data.

In the first SPOT ON! Edition we raise the spotlight on


Hybrid between down- and spotlight - the smart all-rounder draws attention to the object and illuminates every room in the perfect light.


Tracklight for 3-phase tracks – The flexible spot directs all attention to its surroundings, routinely unfolds its lighting effect and remains unobtrusive in the dark.

3-Phase Tracks

Maximum freedom in the realization of your lighting concept - predestined for retail, hospitality, museum and residential projects.

La Villa 48

Innovations from our 48V track system by UNI-BRIGHT - minimalist design meets the latest lighting technology and maximum flexibility.

The links below will take you directly to our new SPOT ON! catalog.


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