Dali Controller Glass Master

Dali Controller Glass Master

The PROLED DALI CONTROLLER GLASS MASTER is a DALI 1-channel dimming controller (broadcast - no DALI addressing necessary) with glass panel and mechanical rotary knob for wall mounting. It allows an easy dimming for up to 50 DALI devices (with two DALI CONTROLLER GLASS MASTER up to 100 DALI devices).

■ no DALI addressing necessary (BROADCAST)

■ power source 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

■ 100 mA DALI bus output (no DALI bus power supply necessary):
up to 50 DALI devices controllable with one DALI CONTROLLER GLASS MASTER and
up to 100 DALI devices controllable with two DALI CONTROLLER GLASS MASTER

■ up to 4 operation points:
max. 2 active DALI CONTROLLER GLASS MASTER (connected to the mains)
+ max. 2 passive DALI CONTROLLER GLASS MASTER (only connected to the DALI bus)

■ glass panel with mechanical rotary knob

Technical Data

Power source

110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Dimension (w x d x h)

80 x 8 x 80 mm (depth incl. terminal block 40 mm)


0,14 kg

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