19" RGB DMX Power Supplies X3 3G

19" RGB DMX Power Supplies X3 3G

The PROLED 19” RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY X3 equals three single PROLED RGB MULTI power supplies in one 19” casing. Thereby each PROLED 19” RGB DMX POWER SUPPLY X3 provides 9 channels. The DALI and 1-10 V option is not available together with the 19“ POWER SUPPLIES.

PROLED 19" RGB DMX POWER SUPPLIES X3 are intended for rack mount and offer professional clarity and service friendliness. Upon customer request the 19" device can be preconfigured individually at the factory.

Different output voltages and power ratings in one device. According to your requirements common anode and common cathode can be combined in one device as well.

Please click for ordering information for individual configuration.

Technical Data

Dimension (w x h x d)

482 x 88 (2U)* x 410 mm

*with rubber feet 95 mm

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