Pixel Controller Pro

Pixel Controller Pro

The PIXEL CONTROLLER PRO is designed to control LED STRIPS with WS2812, WS2813 UCS2904, P943, GS8208 or SK6822 RGB LEDs with integrated controller (e.g. FLEX STRIP DIGITAL 30 / DIGITAL 60 and FLEX STRIP IP65 DIGITAL 30 / IP65 DIGITAL 60).

The PIXEL CONTROLLER PRO offers the possibility to easily call up different effects (rainbow effect, etc.) or to control 341 pixels individually with an external DMX controller (max. 2 universes).

The PIXEL CONTROLLER PRO has 6 SPI outputs and is capable of max. Set to 11.111 pixels (external for DMX max. 341 pixels).

Technical Data

Power source

5-24 VDC


6x SPI

Number of control inputs

2 (2x DMX universes)

Control signal

DMX 1024 channels (2 universes)

Operating temperature range

-10° C till +45° C

Dimensions (l x w x h)

129 x 86 x 26 mm


0,28 kg

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