Technical Data

IP classification


Power source

220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz


aluminium white


including (600 mA / 36 V)

Electrical connection

1x cable with 2-PIN to open wires

Average lifetime

50.000 h at L80/B10

Operating temperature range

-10° C till +45° C


optional with special constant current dimmer or driver

Photometric Data

LED type


Luminous flux

neutral white 2500 Lumen

warm white 2300 Lumen

super warm white 1900 Lumen

Colour temperature

neutral white 4000 K

warm white 3000 K

super warm white 2700 K



Beam angle

20° and 38°

Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.

Product Types

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