Linear XL - FORTE

Linear XL - FORTE

The LINEAR XL luminaire series can be used universally and is available in 720 different versions. Each version is also available with indirect light output (Uplight) in RGBW or monochrome (4 colour temperatures). Production just in time within approx. 3 to 10 days (depending on the quantity).

Besides the standard lenghts we can offer you special lenghts according to your request. For first information please contact us.


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The LINEAR XL luminaires are on the side of the direct light output available with crystal clear, frost (semitransparent), milky (opal) and microprism covers.


The LINEAR XL luminaires are available in:

  • aluminium silver anodized (order code ...S)
  • white RAL 9016 (order code ...W)
  • black similar to RAL 9005 (order code ...B)

** Choose your housing colour ...S, ...W, ...B.

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As standard, the Linear XL luminaires come with a textile cable in the colour of the profile. If you wish, the colour can be freely selected from 6 different colours.


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For the indirect light output (Uplight) crystal clear, frost (semitransparent) and milky (opal) covers are available.

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> LINEAR XL OPTION UPLIGHT RGBW - indirect light output

> LINEAR XL OPTION UPLIGHT MONO - indirect light output

Technical Data

IP classification


Power source

220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

Electrical connection

Depending on option:

1x Textile cable 3 m; 3x 0,75 mm²

1x Textile cable 3 m; 5x 0,75 mm²

splice connectors


The color of the cable is the same like the profile color in standard.

Average lifetime

50.000 h at L80/B10

Operating temperature range

-10° C till +45° C

Width x height

without option Uplight: 76 x 76 mm

with option Uplight: 76 x 84 mm

Photometric Data

LED type

SMD LEDs 5630/5730

Colour temperature

white 6000 K

neutral white 4000 K

warm white 3000 K

super warm white 2700 K



Beam angle

120° (direct light output)

Due to conditions of production photometric data can vary from production batch to production batch within the EU directive.


lengthweightweight option Uplight
604 mm1,8 kg2,2 kg2,1 kg
894 mm2,5 kg3,0 kg2,8 kg
1174 mm3,3 kg3,8 kg3,6 kg
1534 mm4,4 kg5,0 kg4,9 kg
1964 mm5,5 kg6,2 kg

6,1 kg

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