Flex Line Porter

Flex Line Porter

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Free-floating light, independent of the room’s capacity – that’s the PROLED Flex Line Porter for you.

  • Smart and versatile easy-mounting system for almost every Flex Strip in our range
  • For creative room or accent lighting and design
  • Combines classic and modern with a purist touch
  • High impact with low planning effort and budget requirements
  • Can also be used as room dividers
  • Flexible mounting in any direction – vertical, horizontal or diagonal
  • Up to 20 metres in length, depending on the PROLED Flex Strip used
  • Perfect in lofts, vaults, staircases and rooms with high ceilings
  • Power supply can be customised
  • Optionally available with 360° light emission

The Porter is a fully equipped mounting kit for the creative installation of LED strips. Please note that LED strips can be freely selected according to your needs and are not included in the Porter kit.
Kit consisting of two holders with connection clamps incl. screws, matching connection cables with plugs, two shrink tubes, protective gloves, suspension cable to cut to length and 20 mm wide spring steel strip with one black and one silver side.

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A spring steel strip serves as a platform for the optionally available LED strips. Depending which side the Flex Strips are glued onto, the aluminium or black finished side of the spring steel strip is visible after installation.

Material of spring steel strip: spring steel
Colour of spring steel strip: black / silver
Width of spring steel strip: 20 mm
Material of holder: aluminium
Colour of holder: black
Dimensions of holder: 35 x 130 mm (w x h)

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