Pro Controller 16 Multi 6G

Pro Controller 16 Multi 6G

The PROLED PRO CONTROLLER 16 MULTI 6G is used together with a switching power supply as a PWM dimmer for the most PWM dimmable PROLED products. With the PROLED PRO CONTROLLER 16 MULTI 6G fantastic colour mixings and colour changes can be achieved for the PROLED products (by automatic programs or DMX or DALI (DT6/DT8) control). Any fixed colour can as well be selected and dimmed. With the RGB spectra 16,7 million colour combinations are possible. The automatic programs can be changed by RDM with the PC-DMX/RDM INTERFACE and the associated software (included with the PC-DMX/RDM INTERFACE). With RDM also the configuration of the PRO CONTROLLER is possible. The PRO CONTROLLER 16 MULTI 6G is available as CA (common anode – common plus). The PROLED PRO CONTROLLER 16 MULTI 6G can also be used as 16-channel dimmer for the monochrome PROLED products.

  • 16 channels
  • Input 2x 16 A (12 V: 2x 192 Watt, 24 V: 2x 384 Watt, 48 V: 2x 480 Watt) – 2 different voltages for channel 1-8 and channel 9-16 possible (e.g. channel 1-8 12 V and channel 9-16 24 V)
  • Output 16x 2 A = 32 A. 12 V: 384 Watt (16x 24 Watt), 24 V: 768 Watt (16x 48 Watt), 48 V: 960 Watt (16x 60 Watt)
  • Power range 12–48 V
  • MULTI input: DMX 512 and DALI (DT6/DT8)
  • DMX 512 8-bit and 16-bit (for 16-bit two DMX channels per channel required)
  • Remote controllable per RDM by using the PC-DMX/RDM INTERFACE and the software
  • 9 integrated stand alone programs (changeable with the PC-DMX/RDM INTERFACE)
  • Each program with speed adjustment from 0,05 sec to 30 min
  • Each colour manually selectable and dimmable
  • The PWM frequency is selectable in steps from 80 to 60.000 Hz.
  • adjustable output characteristic (Gamma, minimum value, maximum value)
  • Overheat protection
  • Master – Slave operation possible
  • Graphic LCD display and four operating buttons
  • Mountable at wall or ceiling and also for DIN RAIL mounting
  • In combination with INGROUND 1 and INGROUND 3 only possible from INGROUND version L171....Y.

Technical Data

Dimension (w x h x d)

265 x 89 x 24 mm

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