PWM Amplifier 4-Channel

PWM Amplifier 4-Channel

With the PROLED AMPLIFIER (12-24 V) you can boost the PWM signal with additional 4x 8 A. For the AMPLIFIER you need an additional switching power supply (12-24 V). 3 versions are available (CA to CA, CC to CC und CA to CC). By using the version "CA to CC" the PWM input signal is common anode (CA) and the output signal is common cathode (CC). Each output channel has an electronical overload and short circuit protection.

Technical Data

Output voltage

12–24 V


4x 96 Watt at 12 V

4x 192 Watt at 24 V

Electronical short circuit protection per channel


Electronical short overload protection per channel


Dimension (w x h x d)

151 x 76 x 24 mm


0,36 kg

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